What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects 5%-7% of children and 4% of adults. Symptoms of attention deficit disorder can include impulsivity, difficulties in feeling motivated, impaired abilities for attention and concentration, easy distractibility, restlessness and “hyperactivity” and impaired emotional control. You may find yourself easily distracted, not able to focus on a task, poor work performance, feel you are “zoning out” and decreased work productivity.

You may be struggling with ADHD and might consider an evaluation to see if treatment is appropriate for you. Untreated ADHD can negatively affect your career, your relationships, ability to engage in meaningful conversations and lead to low- self esteem.

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There are amphetamine-based and non-amphetamine-based medications to treat ADHD. Amphetamines help in the treatment of ADHD. They have been proven to improve one’s ability to focus, decrease impulsivity, and improve sustained attention. There are some concerns regarding the use of amphetamines. Some of those concerns include but are not limited to the risk for dependence, the possibility of developing a tolerance to the medication, a decreasing appetite while on the medication, or the potential for insomnia if the medication is taken too late in the day. All of these concerns, although warranted, are often dose-dependent and should be discussed with your psychiatric provider. Contact now for ADHD Disorder Treatment.

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